Customer care and the holiday weekend

(Includes discussion of sexual acts in very plain terms, with an illustration, so totally not for kids or the sexually modest.)

A message on 5/25 (anticipating the US holiday Memorial Day) from an American company, edited so as to avoid identifying the company or its nature:

(#1) The crucial phrase in the mailing — look at the small print — is for all of your servicing needs, because of the ambiguity in the verb service in it

Being the sort of person that I am, I first read this (with considerable enjoyment) as using the sexual verb service, so I was dismayed that from May 29th though the 31st the company would not be available to provide me with the sexual attentions I might crave; its website would scarcely suffice as a replacement for personal care.

Wikipedia on the verb service:

[with object] 1 [a] perform routine maintenance or repair work on (a vehicle or machine): have your car serviced regularly. [b] supply and maintain systems for public utilities and transportation and communications in (an area): the town is small but well serviced. [c] perform a service or services for (someone): the state’s biggest health maintenance organization servicing the poor. [d] pay interest on (a debt): taxpayers are paying $250 million just to service that debt. 2 [a] (of a male animal) mate with (a female animal): one dog could presumably service several bitches in a day. [b] vulgar slang have sex with or give sexual gratification to (someone).

The company, which provides assistance in managing financial accounts, intended the verb service in #1 to be 1c; they provide customer services in managing these accounts.

On the other hand, I understood this verb to be 2b, indeed the more specific use of this verb that appears to be the default sense in gay male contexts: ‘perform fellatio on [s.o.], give a blow job to [s.o.], suck [s.o.’s] cock’.

On the sexual usage. From my 4/16/21 posting “trade and trick”:

Sexual vocabulary day, inspired by my puzzling about the syntax of the item trade (in examples like He’s looking for trade to service

… paraphrasing the most recent edition of The Joy of Gay Sex: [trade:] men who are or suppose themselves to be straight who allow gay men to suck them off. [AZ in 2021: This is the classic trade relationship, in which a gay man solicits the sexual act, or in which the sexual act is desired by both participants. No standard term for straight men who solicit blow jobs (or fucks) from gay men, who want to get serviced by them; or for straight men who seek out sexual services aggressively, who want to impose themselves on gay men.]

… And OED3 (March 2021) on the verb service:

[1.] b. transitive. spec. Somewhat euphemistically: to give sexual gratification to (a person); esp. to perform oral sex on (a man).

Then, from Dan Savage’s Savage Love advice column (in the Coachella Valley Independent of 6/20/18), “I’m a Straight Guy Being Serviced by a Gay Friend, and I’m Not Reciprocating; Is This Unfair?”, with being serviced referring to getting blow jobs. Savage’s discussion touches on a variety of psychological and social aspects of the Straight Serviced by Gay scenario. In this particular case, he ends up talking with both guys involved. The straight guy really likes getting his cock sucked, the gay guy really likes sucking cock (it’s a queer thing), and the straight guy says his buddy gives fantastic blow jobs. Savage notes that sucking cock is a skill, something you can get good at, but that getting your cock sucked is also a skill, which you can get good at by learning what gives your cocksucker pleasure.

Meanwhile, though Savage doesn’t line this out, there are gay guys who are really into servicing straight guys, for a number of reasons (including a belief that straight guys are intrinsically more masculine than gay guys), and there are straight guys who are really into getting serviced by gay guys, again for a number of reasons (including a belief that the interaction conveys that you are an intrinsically superior man and that your cocksucker is contemptible). (There is, of course, much more to be said here.)

Next, “gay guy services straight guy” (often framed as “straight guy gets serviced (by gay guy)”, with the straight guy treated as topic — the story is about the straight guy): is a frequent theme on porn video sites. In fact, there are sites specifically devoted to it, and “servicing” is a much-used tag on others. From the WayBig gay porn site (with genitals fuzzed out), the video “New York Straight Men: Servicing A Ginger Haired Giant (Josh & Sergio)” from 5/20/16:

(#2) Josh’s facial expression is impassive throughout — not an intent Man at Work face, but utterly expressionless — until moments before he comes, displaying his come face; he’s also totally silent

All in all, it’s as if Josh himself weren’t there at all, just his cock. Meanwhile, Sergio is fully and enthusiastically engaged in his task.

I’ve now looked at a pile of “servicing” videos on Pornhub Gay, and (thank god) there’s a variety of framings of the act — but, alas, utterly impassive, silent straight guy gets a blow job from a hard-working (and, one hopes, satisfied) faggot is a very common framing.

Bonus from Josh and Sergio. Apparently, Josh likes being rimmed, so in the video Sergio provides him with a sexual double feature, anilingus plus fellatio — a suite of sexual acts I learned the term around the world for as a teenager. (Apparently, what Sergio does is an abbreviated version of around the world, known (naturally) as halfway around the world.

Around the world in a very general sense from Merriam-Webster on-line:

around the world: the action of orally stimulating many parts of the body for sexual gratification
Then, with much more detail, from the Sex-Lexis site on around the world:

1. An/the act of kissing and licking a partner’s entire body prior to fellatio or cunnilingus. The shorter version, known as halfway-around-the-world, consists in kissing and licking the genitals, anus and surrounding area prior to cunnilingus, fellatio or coitus.2. Prostitute’s jargon for kissing and licking a [male] client’s entire body in a long buildup to anilingus and fellatio or, in the short version, kissing and licking his penis and testicles prior to anilingus and fellatio.


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