Is that an American flag in your crotch?

(Fit young men wearing nothing but scraps of the American flag pattern, so not for those who are modest about displays of the male body or offended by casual disregard for the flag, but there’s nothing actually raunchy here.)

In the great avalanche of underwear ads that’s been rolling over my Facebook — wretched excess, even for someone with my tastes — there came, this morning, this arresting ad offering a JOR US flag bikini jockstrap (which looks like a (mini-)brief from the front) — plus one of the model’s armpits):


with his package
firmly and proudly
supported by the
Stars and Stripes, he

confidently enters the
carnal melee of the
Presidents Day
sexual marketplace

(You know how they get on the holidays. That’s February 15th this year.)

Another entrant, from ABC Underwear: the Neptio brand American flag jockstrap (in a more traditional style, with black waistband and straps):



Other sources have American flag boxers, thongs, g-strings, swimsuits, shorts, and singlets. Everything for the patriotic and body-proud.

For instance, from my 5/30/17 posting “Flagging America”, this N2N US flag swimsuit (and another armpit):


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