The Boxing Day special

(References to male genitals and sex between men, in sometimes very plain language, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

A wonderfully lubricious Daily Jocks sale ad for Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, taking advantage of allusions to box in several different sexual senses:

Muscular glutes and a broad, somewhat goofy, smile. On a Christmas theme, without any actual underwear — just red DJX Football Socks (which are advertised as partywear).

Background from my 12/29/15 posting “Boxboys and transitive bottoming”, about

a not at all subtle play on vocabulary taken from ordinary language to supply euphemisms for explicit sex talk — notably a play on box and package (similarly, basket, junk, sack, etc) used to refer to the male genitalia.

… [in addition,] all everyday vocabulary for the vagina can be (and, as far as I can see, has been) pressed into service to refer to the male anus viewed as a (receptive) sexual organ (see my 7/26/13 posting on the phenomenon). That gives us a series of synonyms of bottom boy ‘man whose preference is to serve as the recipient in anal intercourse, man who prefers to be fucked’: from the top on down: cuntboypussyboy, and, yes, boxboy. (All of these have boy used for a gay man, of whatever age.)

So: Boxing Day could go either way, though the focus in the ad on the model’s very muscular glutes strongly suggests he’s an enthusiastic bottom boy.

Which moved me to produce some thoroughly raunchy verse about him:

The boxboy at play

Once his box was fully
engaged, Joey went wild,
begging loudly for more,
deeper, harder, oh god fuck me
fuck me, please fuck me.

He was a famously satisfying
pussyboy, also enormously proud of
his ability to get men to give him
exactly what he needed.

(Added 12/26: The first verse is about as close as I can get to capturing sexual ecstasy in print. The text is a brief sampling of actual ecstatic cries, some of them my own in a previous life.)

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