Time to refuel

Low? Need some? Hook up with Zwicky and let us fill you up.

A neatly designed ad from 1936:


And then a cruder number from the next year:


Feast your eyes on that giant high-performance tank! That only a Zwicky can supply.

From Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History, which supplies what they consider to be the crucial information:

Zwicky Liquid Pump Co of Slough, Bucks
1910-1970 Produced fire appliances, aircraft re-fuellers and runway sweepers etc.
1937 Pump and filter manufacturers.
1939 Aircraft industry suppliers
By 1959 was a subsidiary of G. and J. Weir Holdings Ltd

It’s all about the product. Nothing about the human side of the company.

But then, as for Zwickys, We Are Everywhere.– out of Switzerland, to cover the world — We Can Do Anything, and We Deliver.

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