More sexual fap(p), plus shlick

Background: a posting on the verb fapp (with variant fap) ‘to masturbate furiously’ and one on the exclamation of annoyance Fap!. And now reader Paul comments on the former:

My understanding is that fap as onomatopoeia comes from [the webcomic Sexy Losers]

I do not know when the second p started to appear.

There seems to be some agreement that Sexy Losers at least popularized the sexual verb, whether or not it originated it — and that takes it back to 1999. Also in 1999 in Sexy Losers, the feminine counterpart, shlick (Urban Dictionary in 2004: “The onomatopoeic representation of female masturbation”).

Two examples, with the strips reduced to the final panel, and genitals cropped:

SL #158 “War Games” 10/13/02, in which guys find that long sessions of gaming can improve their ejaculation distance:


SL #166 “Psychology Games” 12/24/02, with both terms:


These are from the Mike’s Left Hand series in Sexy Losers:

Meet Mike, who has taken jerking off to the next level, and his roommate Mark who has to deal with the mess.

Early Mike’s Left Hand strips: FAP in SL #027 “Work Sucks” 12/15/99,  SHLICK in SL #015 “Tang’s Hard Line” 7/5/99.

From Television Tropes & Idioms: “Webcomic: Sexy Losers”:

Formerly known as The Thin H Line, Sexy Losers was an adult webcomic that began in 1999. Drawn in an animesque style, it followed the antics of several different characters. They include a hentai artist, a necrophiliac, a compulsive masturbator (and his equally compulsive masturbating sister), a bored housewife trying to seduce her son, a group of scientists developing bizarre sex aids, several porn stars, and a couple of stage magicians. It was the highest scoring entry on the List Of Potentially Offensive Webcomics, having been awarded six “toilets” out of a possible five. Its biggest claim to fame was its popularizing “fap” and “schlick” as onomatopoeiae for masturbation.

And from a website on “The All-Too-Brief History of the Sexy Losers”:

Sexy Losers was an adult only online web comic created by a [Canadian] man named Clay. Clay lived on the East Coast before moving to Waterloo, Ontario, where he studied psychology. He continued his studies, published his thesis, and wasn’t able to find a job. In 1999 he moved to Japan on the JET program and after leaving, began teaching private school. In his spare time he worked on the web comic Sexy Losers.


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