This year’s Santa skivvies

(Not a lot about language.)

Time for this year’s bulletin on the Santa Skivvy run in Boston:


On the 2012 run, here and here.

Not a lot to say about skivvies. From NOAD2:

trademark underwear, esp. a set consisting of undershirt and underpants, or just the underpants. (originally a US Navy term.) ORIGIN early 20th cent.: of unknown origin.

One Response to “This year’s Santa skivvies”

  1. Chris Ambidge Says:

    To get it back to language – this is the first time I’ve heard such runs referred to as “Santa skivvies”. I’ve always heard this event referred to as “Speedo Santa”. The website refers to the Boston event as “SSRun” but that may have trademark implications, and on their page they talk about running in a “speedo or equivalent – no thongs”. A week previously in Chicago the parallel run is explicitly “ChicagoSantaSpeedo” There are a decent number of ghits for “speedo santa”

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