Thingy words

Today’s Zippy:

A cartoon festival of stand-in expressions, serving as place-holders for a nominal expression not available to you, either because you can’t recall it or because you never knew it or because there is in fact no common widely available expression for the referent (that is, because there is “no word for it”).

2 Responses to “Thingy words”

  1. corey bramblett Says:

    I always liked “Whozis on the Whatnow?” myself, for those cases where two references are necessary, or just for intensive effect. I think it’s a Simpsons-ism, although I can’t remember for sure…

  2. No word for hot flashes in Japanese? « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] And on this blog: 3/18/11: Thingy words […]

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