More ridiculous underwear with zipper pulls

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Found in the Undergear catalogue (on sale for Christmas!), another piece of underwear with a zipper pull, even more outrageous (and, to my mind, a lot more uncomfortable-looking) than the last one. This one’s a jockbrief — brief in front, jock in back (no back panel, only straps):

That’s one tight little pouch to cram your package into. And a pretty sizable zipper ring to have in your pants — not that I’d expect the wearer to have pants on.

The ad copy:

Gregg Homme® Forbidden Jockbrief

Sheer pleasure. The ultra-sexy Gregg Homme Forbidden collection is a bold and cutting-edge design that provides supportive lift at both the front and the back. Featuring a faux-leather and latex look with a front contoured pouch, these daring men’s jockbriefs have a unique design of a sheer mesh with a front functional zipper for a sexy look. Plus, the zipper has protective lining so you can have peace of mind. Nylon/spandex.

Hardly any nod to comfort: the “supportive lift” and the “protective lining” to counteract the threat of the metal zipper. Otherwise, it’s vain display.


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