Collard shirts

Just went past me on Facebook, a funny-mistake posting (which I didn’t immediately save and now can no longer find) in which a dress code for men stipulates that they must wear a collard shirt (for collared shirt — that is, no t-shirts or tank tops allowed).

My reaction was to hope that someone had created shirts (of whatever kind) in vivid patterns of collard greens. I am always on the lookout for beautiful shirts for men.

A pretty extensive search has convinced me that no such shirts are to be found. Instead, I found several variants of the collard meta-shirt, like this (collarless) lime green beauty from Zazzle:

(collared ‘having a collar’ and collard referring to the leafy green vegetable being homophonous)

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  1. Mark Mandel Says:

    As an inveterate punster myself, I love it!
    (My phone’s “drag-typing” keyboard turned that into “invertebrate”.)

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