The Belgian beer glass

More backlog, this time from Ernesto Cuba posting from Toronto on May 27, with this glass he was served beer in at the Prenup Pub there:

A beer glass from the Delirium Taproom in Brussels, Belgium; note the pink elephants

From my 5/27/23 posting “Puer mingens at the Prenup Pub”, about the pissing boy statue there:

the pissing boy is a replica of the famous Manneken Pis statue in Brussels, Belgium, and the Prenup Pub specializes in Belgian and German beers and food, so the statue fits right in at the pub, even though the pub’s in Toronto (ca. 6100 km or 3800 mi from Brussels, across the Atlantic).

So: not just the Manneken Pis statue replicating the Brussels original, but also the actual glassware from the Delirium Taproom there.

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  1. John Baker Says:

    I believe the glassware is originally associated with Delirium Tremens beer, Apparently it is actually brewed in Melle, Belgium, not Brussels. They also have the glassware at Mannequin Pis, which I mentioned in a comment on your earlier post.

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