Upsetting Balance of Nature

A second cartoon from today’s comics feed: today’s Doonesbury, in which Gary Trudeau (through his characters) savages the dietary supplement Balance of Nature (essentially, plant-based multivitamin/mineral tablets):

(#1) The capsule regimen is overly complex (6 capsules a day: 3 a day for each of 2 separate supplements, Fruits and Veggies); the supplement is expensive (it works out to $3/day); and the benefits of the supplements are dubious, despite the “clinical studies” lampooned in the strip

The product. From the company website:

(#2) “A Proprietary Blend of 16 Whole Fruits & 15 Whole Vegetables”; nothing explains why lots of different fruits and vegetables would be such a good thing

Then the cost. A one-time purchase costs $89.95 — that is, $90. Which gets you 90 capsules in each bottle. Taking 3 capsules a day of each means those 90 capsules of each give you 30 days — one month — of supplements, so $3/day.

We have been here before. See my 2/15/21 posting “The brain health product”, in which Trudeau characters savage ads for the dietary supplement Prevagen, for mild forgetfulness.

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  1. Dan Murphy, SF CA Says:

    Thanks for highlighting Trudeau’s timely lampoon of “Balance of Nature.” When I watch their irritating TV commercials, I am reminded just how beneficial real fruits and vegetables would be in our daily diets.

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