Return with me now to the patio scene from yesterday’s posting “The clitic t-shirt and its companion book”:

(#1) Previously commented on: my PUT YOUR CLITICS IN SECOND POSITION t-shirt, the Halpern & Zwicky book Approaching Second, and the beautiful still-blooming cymbidium orchids

But wait! There’s more! Look down at my feet, In shearling-lined moccasins. (I have other shoes, but I wear these most of the time, because they keep my poor feet warm and comfortable and because they are easy for me to slip on and off  — my damaged hip makes reaching down painful, and reaching all the way to the ground impossible.) And without any socks. (I have very nice socks, but putting them on is difficult, painful, and time-consuming — that hip again — so I’ve taken to going sockless.)

I go sockless everywhere, but the only places I go are to medical appointments and to get the mail at the mailboxes in the back of my condo. Everything else is out because I need to whizz every 20 or 25 minutes. (Yes, it’s an odd life, but I’ve adapted to it.) And hardly anyone comes by except caregivers of one sort or another. So there aren’t many people who might look askance at the eccentricity of my footwear.

The moccasins. From my 11/23/22 posting “The news from my house”:

The magic slipper / moccasins from L.L. Bean. … the indoor / outdoor shearling-lined suede shoes (from the Wallin company) I mostly live in pretty much fell apart and had to be replaced. I geared up to replace them, did a Google search on them, got a page showing what were surely those very shoes, but from L.L. Bean, went to my LLB account and was immediately presented with the catalog page for those shoes, without having to search through the catalog; no magic there, but a good thing …

But, eerily, the page was already filled out with all the details of my Wallin shoes (which were a knockoff of LLB’s, and came to me as a present from my daughter): size, width, color, all just perfect. I have no idea how they worked that, but the whole transaction took, like 10 minutes from my Google search to the shipping information.

The shoes arrived late yesterday afternoon. They are perfect.

The shoe:

(#2) The LLB Wicked Moc

In the end, I didn’t throw away the old Wallin mocs, so I had them to wear in rain and when I had to step in messy places; ratty old shoes can be useful to have around.

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