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A brief report on a monstrously complex medical situation, unfolding today in some immensely gratifying products of a long-range program of treatment for some of my afflictions, ultimately related to my advanced kidney disease.

In particular, treatment for edema in my legs and feet through  massive diuresis; I’m taking tons of diuretics and need to pee about every 20 to 25 minutes; I live in a world of urinals all over the house, no leaving home except to go to medical clinics, which have bathrooms within easy reach everywhere.

And then treatment for the weeping sores of lymphatic fluid that were triggered by the edema; about eight weeks of hard-core self-care, starting with surgical dressings that I changed daily, and then when the sores developed into dried scabs that could be exposed to the air, massaging the afflicted areas with coconut oil every day, as bits of the scabs dropped off during these weeks. My right leg cleared completely some time ago. My left leg cleared this morning. To hoots of delight from me.

Meanwhile, the diuresis regime worked. For some time now, my legs and feet have become gaunt, unswollen. Ordinary looking.

Put these two things together, and I could now risk taking a shower in the bathtub (admittedly, a complex procedure for someone as disabled as I am, but I have the equipment for it). Being extraordinarily careful not to abrade the skin on my legs in any way, for fear of triggering new open sores.

My first shower and shampoo in the bathtub in a very long time. My god, what fabulous pleasure, streaming hot water on my body, thoroughly washing all of it, including underarms, crotch, and butt. Happy happy joy joy.

Exhausting work, but oh so gratifying. I napped a bit and after tuning up the coconut oil on my legs, took some stuff for composting in my little garden strip — and it was warm and sunny, so I got into a deck chair and sunbathed — face, arms, and, especially those legs — for about 20 minutes. More fabulous pleasure.

There are some further lessons in my story, but let this stand for the moment. Be happy for me.

4 Responses to “Happy happy joy joy”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I’m delighted for you! I know well that feeling of being able to take a proper shower after a long hospitalization or recovery!

  2. Mark Mandel Says:

    Mazel tov, how wonderful!

  3. Lise Menn Says:

    Echoing Mazel Tov!

  4. Robert Coren Says:

    Just seeing the title of this post, before following the link to read it, brought a smile to my face.

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