Der Pinguin ist kaput

Today’s sad news, an outcome of dramatic high winds that battered and, eventually, smashed my plastic patio plant penguin, the 2-ft b&w sentinel that stood guard by my back door for some years, and before that watched over various very large potted plants.

I’m waiting for the winds to die down to assemble the pieces and put them in the trash.  Then, in a few days we’re supposed to have more rainstorms, floods, and mudslides.

It seems that I have only one photo of the decedent, one that doesn’t show them to best advantage.

A photo of a section of my front patio in 2016, featuring, in the front, two giant pots, with an Agave desmetiana and, behind it, a Hydrangea macrophylla in bloom. With attendant plastic penguins, the big one and the little one:

If I remember correctly — I might be confused — the big penguin was originally a present from Ellen Evans, some years ago.

Before the winds turned palm fronds on the Stanford campus into wicked missiles and blew things down, the day began with an early-morning drop to very low air pressure, which essentially immobilized me for several hours in barely endurable osteoarthritic pain. Eventually, back to ordinary pain and very very slowly getting on with tasks of the day.

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  1. Bill Stewart Says:

    So much nicer than the concrete owl I had to leave [or just forgot?] in El Cerrito.

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