Penguins on the town

Penguin spots — showing four penguins on holiday in New York City — by Milanese illustrator Antonio Giovanni Pinna in the 2/27/23 issue of The New Yorker:

(#1) Six of the spots: p. 21, bellhop / porter transporting the penguins in a hotel luggage cart; p. 24, special polar-temp accommodations for the penguins; p. 31, two penguins on a horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park; p. 42, a penguin contributes to a street musician; p. 46, the four penguins emerge from the subway; p. 49, the penguins collaborate so that one of them can use a tower viewer to appreciate scenic views

(hat tip to Bonnie Bendon Campbell)

The illustrator. Pinna is young and prolific, known for the clean lines of his work. Two of his larger illustrations: his surprising version of the Beatles for a book illustration:


and one in a series of entertaining hat illustrations in ads for Borsalino:


Spots. In my 3/3/21 posting “Beheaded spots”,

[about] spot illustrations as a form of the cartoonist’s art and also [about] the term [The New Yorker uses] to refer to a spot illustration: spot, an abbreviated version of the N + N compound, specifically a beheading of the two-word expression, in which the head element illustration is suppressed.

Three notes on the NYC penguin spots.

— p. 21, on the hotel luggage cart the bellhop / porter is pushing. This would appear to be a Birdcage® cart by Forbes Industries (manufacturer of tables and mobile carts for the hospitality industry), similar to this one:


— p. 31, on the horse-drawn carriage the penguin couple are in. Similar to this one, offered by the NYCAdventure company for rides in Central Park:

(#5) A carriage with seats for a driver and up to 4 adults

–p. 49, on the tower viewer the penguins are using. See my 9/17/17 posting “Tower viewers”, on scenic lookouts and their technology — the tower viewer, essentially binoculars / a telescope on a post.


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