More lunar rabbits

The new lunar year, the Year of the Rabbit, began back on the 22nd and was duly recognized then (in my posting “Moments of rebirth”). At the time, Bonnie Bendon Campbell sent me a Jacquie Lawson digital greeting card that ended up in a composition of rabbits staring at the moon:

(#1) As Bonnie observed on Facebook today (Ultimate January), there are three rabbits in the photo, so they they’ll do double duty as heralds of the new month: rabbit rabbit rabbit for Inaugural February

And then on Facebook today, Jean-François Garneau passed on a particularly elegant graphic for the Year of the Rabbit, using only the numerals 2 and a 3 (plus a dot), by Hong Kong designer Kan Tai Keung:


On the Ocula site about Kan Tai Keung / Kan Tai-Keung / Kan Tai-keung:

An active design educator and artist, Kan Tai-keung is one of Hong Kong’s most famous graphic designers and noted ink painters. Born in 1942 in Pangyu, Guangdong, Kan has resided in Hong Kong since 1957. His passion for painting developed early on in his childhood, and his grandfather, Kan Yaosheng, a clay sculptor, encouraged his pursuit of art. Kan first studied art and design in 1964, and then watercolour painting and sketching with his uncle Kan May-tin. In 1967, he began attending design classes taught by Wucius Wong and Chinese ink painting lessons under Lui Shou-kwan. Concurrently, he began working as a professional designer. In 1969, he began creating his own ink paintings, and became a member and chairman of the One Art Group. Kan was an active participant of Hong Kong’s New Ink Art Movement and has continued to explore his unique brand of creativity. … He is now the Chair Professor of the Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Shantou University, Guest Professor of Central Institute of Fine Arts in Beijing and Guest Professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Another, characteristically elegant, design:


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