The California fire ranger penguin Christmas card

In California, in the winter, in the mountains, when it snows, we fight forest fires with rangers acclimated  to fiercely cold weather: the CAL FIRE penguin patrol. But our ranger penguins are not only tough, they are also rilly rilly cute, iconic adorable-penguin cute (see some iconic examples in my 12/11 posting “The penguin Christmas card”). And now CAL FIRE is celebrating our ranger penguins with:

CAL FIRE’s Holiday Penguin Coloring Page! (link here)

This astonishing object came to me in holiday e-mail from Rod Williams and Ted Bush, with Rod’s note:”This is undoubtedly intended for you!”

Immensely cheering, arriving as was I trying to cope with — on the top of everything else — a terrible head cold, in a moment when respiratory ailments are spreading wildly. I’m supposed to isolate myself still further.

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