Two Liz Climo cartoons

Very much a Mary, Queen of Scots Not Dead Yet posting, opening up a variety of themes, some of them deeply personal for me. But here I just present two delightful Liz Climo cartoons that moved me.

The first is recent, posted by Climo on Facebook on 11/29 and apparently at the moment available only on her FB page. The characters are Bunny and Bear, who have forged a mutually supportive friendship in part by surmounting the natural inclinations of bears to devour rabbits, and of rabbits to dig up the landscape for burrows (thus ruining the lawns that are Bear’s great pride).

The second is from a continuing series of cartoons involving the polar creatures Penguin and Polar Bear. The cartoons:

(#1) My title: One Trip — a delight for me, since my man Jacques was an extreme advocate of the One Trip, approaching Bear levels; as annoying as this was (I played the Bunny part in our One Trip drama), now that he’s been gone for 20 years, the cartoon slashed open a moment of real grief, in which his masculine pigheadedness now seems endearing

(#2) My title: Margarita Snowman — this one is to send to cartoonist Bob Eckstein, author of the marvelous The Illustrated History of the Snowman (2018); see the digression on the book in my 12/3 posting “In the mail: The sleep of reason produces snowmen”

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  1. Deborah Swayne Says:

    “One Trip” raises memories for me, too, though not sad ones. My mother used to call that a “lazy man’s load,” and always mentioned her mother when she used the phrase.

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