Editing bubbloons in Zits

Following on my 11/12 posting “Hold on to the bubble …”, about a Mother Goose and Grimm strip, on speech and thought bubbloons as physical objects, with words in them — and with a note that the MGG, Zippy, and (especially) Pearls Before Swine strips were given to this goofy physicalist conceptualization of speech / thought bubbloons: the discovery that I had squirreled away on my desktop (for eventual posting) two Zits strips in which Jeremy and his mother edit material in each other’s bubbloons. Just lovely.

To recap. The MGG strip:

(#1) The bubbloons are physical objects, with words in them, and (like helium-filled balloons) they’ll rise in the air, taking their content — and, unless you fight against it, you too — with them. Aieee!

Editing thoughts in bubbloons. From 2/26/14, with Jeremy’s mother editing his thoughts:


Editing speech in bubbloons. From 9/10/21, with Jeremy editing his mother’s speech:


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