Faces and phalluses

(The title is an indictor of what’s to come. No visible phalluses, but plenty of references to them, in plain speech, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Brief musings on this morning’s ad from the Gay Empire company, with a sale on their DVDs:

Above the banner: the faces of three Bel Ami boys (in order: L, M, and R), illustrating three approaches to a cruise face. Below the banner (not shown here): their three penises — all excellent pornstar-size dicks, fully erect and looking like large protrusions pasted onto their youngman bodies. Definitely ornamental, if you’re into penises (as I most certainly am), and illustrating three subtly different approaches to a dick offer, but not really integrated into the men’s bodily landscapes.

I frequently remark on the Giant Disengaged Cock phenomenon in porn ads, but that doesn’t mean I fail to appreciate those cocks on their own terms. As I’ll explain in a moment.

Eyes and lips. First, about L, M, and R and what they do with their faces to communicate I Want You (to Want Me).

Nature has given them three somewhat different lips: L’s fuller but narrow (often interpreted as sensuous lips); M’s thinner and wider (so I guess these are Mama Bear lips); and R’s thinnest and widest (looking like surfer-style spread lips). L has his lips in neutral; M is giving a half-smile; and R is smiling broadly.

Meanwhile, nature has also given them somewhat different hair, which they have chosen to style quite differently: L with straight, coarser hair cut short; M with finer hair, styled long (as “romantic hair”); R with short curly hair with highlights, whether natural or styled that way (a “cute guy” presentation).

Then the eyes: L’s are narrowed, with eyebrows lowered (so giving an intense overall effect, possibly communicating dominance); M’s are notably enlarged (conveying openness and interest); and R’s are in neutral, but smiling along with his mouth (a “good buddy” display).

Each man wants you, and wants you to want him, but they’re sending somewhat different messages. (As an extra, R has a prominent Adam’s apple and notably broader shoulders, so if you want a cute guy who radiates solid masculinity, he’s probably your (fantasy) guy.

Dicks. Much subtler. L and M’s dicks jut straight out (like flagpoles), while R’s is downcurved (like a spigot). And M’s dick is noticeably thicker than the other guys’ (so it’s a first-class AMZ fantasy dick — but, well, this is fantasy, not real life).

Now: all three are Giant Disengaged Cocks, which I don’t find particularly alluring. Nevertheless just looking at them gives me a little cock-tingle. Which is not going anywhere. It’s an entirely automatic response from my body, much like the little flow of saliva you get from smelling lemon juice  or lemon peel. Or from just thinking about the taste of a lemon. Or, in my current umami-oriented taste world, just thinking about roast pork, or unagi sushi, or sharp cheddar cheese, or grilled salmon skin. It would be a mistake to suppose that I am constantly food-obsessed; these are fleeting moments of collaboration between my mind and body, just barely in my consciousness, and experienced along with the many other things I’m doing or thinking about. But they provide me with, oh, half-second moments of pleasure while other things are happening.

So with the cock-tingles, which happen to me a dozen or more times a day, not always with triggers I’m aware of. Also fleeting, barely within consciousness, experienced along with lots of other stuff, and giving me pin-point moments of pleasure. Getting a hard-on is a totally different kind of experience.

Now, the variability in people’s bodily and mental worlds being what it is — just enormous — it’s pretty much guaranteed that there are men reading this who have no idea what I’m taking about when I go on about cock-tingles, just as many male readers find my deep appreciation of dicks alien and unfathomable. In fact, I have no idea whether cock-tingles are a common thing (allowing that the triggers will be different for different men) or mostly a queer thing or a genuinely rare thing or whatever. For me, they just are.

Lexicographic note. I’d been thinking about these fleeting phallic sensations as cock-twinges, liking the noun twinge for its pin-point connotation (of pleasure) — a bit sharper than tingle, and without the warmth connotation of tingle. But it seems that twinge is too strong, actually denoting ‘sudden, sharp localized pain’ (NOAD). Or at least unpleasantness; NOAD also has ‘a brief experience of an emotion, typically an unpleasant one’ (and in any case what my cock experiences isn’t an emotion).

Oh dear, some level of pain seems to be inevitable; NOAD has ‘slight prickling or stinging sensation’ for the noun tingle.

And then neither twinge nor tingle has a motion component, while my cock definitely jerks, or at least stirs, a tiny bit. Maybe twitch would do; NOAD has ‘short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement’ for the noun twitch. But that wouldn’t work for me, since twitches involve far too much motion.

Cock-jerk(ing) won’t do, because it invites confusion with jerking off. And cock-stir(ring) would just be silly, because it collides with the stirring of cocktails (or the beginning of A Visit from St. Nicholas).

So I’ll live with tingle, but I’m eyeing a smaller-scale twitch, and kind of longing to go back to twinge (adding that little jerk that often accompanies a short sharp pain, but without the pain). Or maybe reach for twingle or twiggle or twidge.

And you wonder why it takes me so long to write up these postings.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that writing about cock-tingles sets off tiny cock-tingles. I guess they’re cock-meta-tingles.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Jeff Shaumeyer on Facebook on 5/26:

    I know exactly what you mean by “cock-tingles”, and now I have a way to name it. Of course, now that I’m thinking on it, and agreeing that a “cock jerk” is far too demonstrative, what popped into mind was “phallus frisson” for a fancy synonym.

    (possibly relevant biographical information: Jeff is a (married) gay man, also an actual rocket scientist, now in his 60s)

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