News flash for antipodal penises

From Ann Burlingham (in snowy Pittsburgh) on Facebook this morning, this ice patch:


AB: Late Friday sun. Jason [her husband, Australian-born, now a US citizen] says I have rearranged some things if I think that ice patch looks like Australia.

AZ: That’s a hung Oz — with a really big Tasmania.

For comparison: actual Australia:


In celebration of #1, some occasional Aussie doggerel from my verseshop:

it’s Man Country down there

my Oz is hung
its Tasman juts out proudly
my Oz is young
it’s hard and jaunty

And that’s today’s News for Penises. In a flash.


One Response to “News flash for antipodal penises”

  1. Mark Mandel Says:

    And so you flash us.

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