He enjambed me

To end a difficult week — ending high with a new water heater (thank you, cute and earnest plumber!), after four days without hot water; disconcerted by those same four days of failing to capture and expel the western fence lizard that has taken refuge in my house; and dispirited by those same four days without any voice to, um, speak of — I stumbled once again upon the peculiar practice of Rick-rolling (Facebook, unbidden, brings you all sorts of things, the way a cat will with not-quite-dead mice). And was impelled to some mildly scandalous free verse, which I will explain none of, because there’s just too much.

Never gonna give up gettin’ rolled by Rick

Rick rolled me in the
Hey, sailor, lookin’ for a good
Time, gentlemen,
Please please me,
Whoa back
Buck naked is the
Way to go, big
Guy on guy

(So, like a lizard with its tail in its mouth, it rolls down to where it began.)

Reptilian illustration from the Napa Valley Register, “Napa County’s Living Landscape: Lizard antics in the spring”, on 2/19/19:

A Western lizard roll (composed of Sceloporus occidentalis), often served with a drizzle of sriracha mayonnaise (note blue belly: blue heaven is indeed a place on earth, right down in the dirt, in fact)

Ooh, at the end there, I gave myself a truly wicked Belinda Carlisle earworm. Go, Belinda!

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