Drogo, Scavenger of Boys

(Owlishly raunchy, but nevertheless quite raunchy, with male buttocks on display: not for everyone’s taste.)

A bit of free verse for Labor Day 2021, commandeering Falcon Studio’s holiday gay porn sale ad in the service of poetry:

Drogo, Scavenger of Boys

they sent him out to
pick something up for
déjeuner sur l’herbe
he dragged back Joey

biddable callipygian
eminently portable and
already dressed for


— 1. In the ad, Drogo has a great big ruler-straight pornstar hard-on, but I’ve edited it out because it distracts from the focal points of Drogo’s face and Joey’s buttocks. Drogo’s dick would have been wretched excess: moderation in all things, as Hesiod and Plautus have instructed us.

— 2. Joey is not a ball-less wonder, but I had to fuzz them out to satisfy WordPress modesty.

— 3. Drogo has thrown Joey over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. From Wikipedia:

A fireman’s carry or fireman’s lift is a technique allowing one person to carry another person without assistance, by placing the carried person across the shoulders of the carrier.

The technique was commonly used by firefighters to carry injured or unconscious people away from danger, but has been replaced in firefighting due to the drawback that smoke and heat are greater higher up, and may be fatal to the person being carried.

The “fireman’s carry” technique is still taught for use outside firefighting. Soldiers use this technique to carry wounded comrades. Lifeguards are sometimes trained to use the fireman’s carry.

Many professional wrestling moves such as Death Valley driver, Samoan drop, FU/Attitude Adjustment, F-5, and others include this technique.

The technique requires back and shoulder strength.

— 4. My man Jacques was several inches taller than me, had a much bigger bone structure than I do, and was seriously more muscular that I am. In the occasional moment of affectionate or carnal goofiness, he would scoop me up in a fireman’s carry to get me from one place to another in the house, usually from the living room to our bed. This was deeply pleasurable for both of us.

— 5. Occasionally treated in detail on this blog — see the Page on postings about Group Sex — gay spitroasting is a three-man sexual act involving one man who serves as the pig (orally and anally) and two who provide the penises that serve as the skewers. Properly synchronized, it can be immensely satisfying.

In porn flicks. it is often performed out of doors, on picnic tables and the like, so it would be entirely appropriate for déjeuner sur l’herbe.

— 6. The male personal name Drogo probably has its origin in a Germanic verb meaning ‘to drag’.

— 7. I don’t know who the actors playing Drogo and Joey are, or what porn flick their encounter is an ad for, but I would be pleased to be enlightened. The full ad has somewhat ghostly American flags at the Drogo-dick level of the composition, but I suspect the flags are not intrinsic to the flick.

3 Responses to “Drogo, Scavenger of Boys”

  1. Timothy Evanson Says:

    I wonder if the name is a play on Khal Drogo, the character in “Game of Thrones” played by Jason Momoa?

    There is also a Drogo who works for BiLatinMen. He’s handsome, terrifically muscled, bearded, has an apparently hairless torso, and an enormous cock.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Ah, Drogo and Joey are just names I picked out of the air for my verse. Picked, as writers will do, just because the names sounded good to me for the characters. Then I discovered the etymology of Drogo (and realized that joey ‘baby kangaroo’ might have been in there too).

      Khal Drogo is unlikely to have been in my mind, because I have had no experience at all of “Game of Thrones” (so sue me). But of course the name Drogo might resonate for others because of Jason Momoa.

      Similarly for BiLatinMen Drogo, who does, however, sound like someone I should check out.

      • Stewart Kramer Says:

        Drogo Baggins was Frodo’s father, apparently, so Game of Thrones isn’t the only pop-lit source. And etymology needn’t be simple:

        Meaning & History
        Norman name, possibly derived from Gothic dragen meaning “to carry” or Saxon drog meaning “ghost”. Alternatively, it could be from the Slavic element dragu meaning “precious, dear”. The Normans introduced this name to England.

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