Celebrating Valentine’s Day 1: the baleen whales

Chacun à son goût on Valentine’s Day. Here’s cartoonist Lars Kenseth’s take on sentimental gift-giving among the baleen whales (from the 2/15&22/21 issue of the New Yorker):

A swarm of krill! How did you know?”

From NOAD on the creatures:

noun krill: a small shrimplike planktonic crustacean of the open seas. It is eaten by a number of larger animals, notably the baleen whales. Meganyctiphanes norvegica, class Malacostraca.

noun baleen whale: a whale that has plates of whalebone in the mouth for straining plankton from the water. Baleen whales include the rorquals, humpback, right whales, and gray whale. Also called whalebone whale. Suborder Mysticeti, order Cetacea: three families and ten species.

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