Perverted by Language

Monica Macaulay on Facebook, who had just come across the album Perverted by Language, by The Fall:

Monica: Love the title of the album. If I had a blog, that’s what it would be called. (“Don’t confuse yourself with someone who has something to say.”)

From Wikipedia:

Perverted by Language is the sixth studio album by English post-punk group The Fall, released in December 1983 on Rough Trade Records

Eight tracks: “Eat Y’Self Fitter”; “Neighbourhood of Infinity”; “Garden”; “Hotel Bloedel”; “Smile”; “I Feel Voxish”; “Tempo House”; “Hexen Definitive / Strife Knot”.

Their songs are sometimes linguistically playful, but often in inscrutable ways. There is, remarkably, an Annotated Fall website, in which fans apply themselves earnestly to making whatever sense they can of all this. The page on “I Feel Voxish” from Perverted by Language spends considerable space examining the obscure expression “pillbox crisp”: maybe it had some unknowable private meaning for one of the band members, but then just maybe there’s something going on there. (It’s remarkably easy to get sucked into these discussions.).


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  1. Bob Eckstein Says:

    Amazing underrated album

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