Two from xkcd

… on linguistic topics: 2381 The True Name of the Bear and 2390 Linguists. The first brings us Gretchen McCulloch as a bonus.

The True Name of the Bear.


The curly-haired character is in fact Gretchen McCulloch, who’s appeared on this blog a number of times and figures prominently in recent news for linguists. Her photo:


And the news bulletin, from the Linguistic Society of America, announcing its 2021 awards, among them:

Linguistics, Language and the Public Award: Gretchen McCulloch, Internet Linguist

Gretchen’s work is engaging, accessible, and bi-directional — connecting the public to linguistics, and linguists to the public. Her work on creating public linguistics (including her All Things Linguistic blog, the podcast Lingthusiasm, a New York Times best-selling book Because Internet, and the recent Linguistics Crash Course videos) complements her work to train and empower linguists to create material for the public (including guides on writing for the public, presentations and workshops, Wikipedia edit-a-thons, and most recently LingComm grants). Gretchen brings linguistics and the public together with delight and enthusiasm, in what BuzzFeed has called a “joyously nerdy” way.

Linguists. And what they do.


Indeed. Not to mention “Fell into a hole”.

This particular linguist is so bent on exploring the intricacies of prepositional usage that she’s failed to assist the poor person who fell down a hole and called for help.


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