Work up a sweat with Franky

(I have a number of much more serious things to post about this morning, but I was struck speechless by today’s mailing from the Daily Jocks people, with an image of high-quality high-intensity soft porn aimed at men — presented as if it were just an ad featuring work-out shorts. Warning: this posting shows no male genitals, but it reeks of sex, and might strike some as unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

The e-mail image.

The e-mail header: “Work up a sweat with Franky ūüí™”


Some salient features:

— this is a pitsntits / pits ‘n’ tits presentation of Franky’s body, making his armpits and his erect nipples available to the viewer (and also focusing on his bulging biceps)

— it’s also a full display of his torso, featuring his abs

— there’s a light sheen of sweat on Franky’s body — you can almost smell him

— Franky’s work-out shorts are pulled down just short of his pubic hair, in a modest cock tease

— Franky offers a¬†challenging facial expression to the viewer: are you man enough to take me?

— Franky’s high-macho presentation is further accentuated by his (short) facial hair, his baseball cap, and the tats on his right forearm

The overall effect is soft porn — providing something for an appreciative male viewer to masturbate to.

But wait, there’s more. The point of the e-mail is not just to display Franky’s hot body, but to use it to push a¬†subscription offer to OnlyJox (“Daily Jocks Naughty Brother”), which offers shopping discounts and “HOT content everyday” (hot content like Franky.)

The logo for OnlyJox;

(#2) Salient features include: a¬†lightly furry torso, an erect nipple, a visible hard-on in the model’s sweat pants

You can make only so much money on premium underwear and work-out apparel. Providing some shopping bargains plus a lot of soft or borderline porn gives the company another source of income.

I stress again the high quality of the photography, very much welcome in a world that overwhelms us with tons of amateurish, poorly framed, awkward porn of men for men.

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