Wrong turn at Catalina

In the most recent (1/4&11/21) New Yorker, this E.S. Glenn cartoon with still another variant of the Desert Island meme:


Somehow they started out paddling a lovers’ swan boat — note the heart — in the pond of a park but ended up beached on a desert island in the Pacific (or whatever tropical spot cartoon desert islands are located in). Yes, he should have let her ask for directions.

A large swan pedal boat for rental at Echo Park in Los Angeles:


The lovers have somehow slipped the surly bonds of the pond and sailed the sea on swan-white wings. With, apparently, a wrong turn at Catalina.

The artist. E. S. Glenn is not primarily a gag cartoonist, but instead a comic book / graphic artist tackling ambitious themes. Consider his 2020 Unsmooth #1 from Floating World Comics.


From the company on the book:

Floating World Comics: E. S. Glenn had bad luck when it came to producing and selling his artwork. Witness the portrait of an artist as he enters the criminal underworld. Rendered in a clean line European style, Unsmooth is a semi-autobiographical graphic album that introduces the reader to the idiosyncratic world of artist turned petty thief turned assassin, E. S. Glenn.

(Glenn is an American black man living as an ex-pat in Berlin.)

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