The One Big Happy from January 13th, with a widespread nonstandard pronoun:

Freestanding youse /yuz/ (= you /yu/ + pl /z/) and modifying youse in youse guys ‘you guys’. In any case, a 2pl form distinct from 2sg you. The form is complexly distributed according to geography, social class, and other factors — in a way that suggests it has been invented several times in different contexts.

And then there’s the pun on used /yuzd/.

DARE notes the pronoun in Irish and British dialects. In the US it locates the form especially in Northeast, North Midlands, and Great Lakes; the more recent citations from this area seem to be mostly from white working-class speakers (especially of Irish and Italian descent) in urban centers (Chicago, Buffalo, the Bronx).

The earlier citations are much more widely distributed. DARE‘s first cite, from 1862, is from a North Carolina soldier in the Civil War writing to his family. And there are cites from New Orleans, where the form is said to occasionally compete with y’all.

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