Annals of lexical inventiveness: sternum bush

From the tv series Psych (S1 E11), psychic investigator Shawn Spencer (played by James Roday) to Head Det. Carlton Lassiter of the Santa Barbara Police Dept. (played by Timothy Osmundson), on attracting women:

Chicks dig the sternum bush.

Translation from the very playful ShawnSpeak: ‘Women like chest hair’. That is, unbutton your shirt and show some chest hair. Standard sternum ‘chest, breastbone’ plus bush ‘luxuriant growth of hair’, especially in vulgar slang bush ‘a woman’s public hair’.

(The character Shawn is a high-energy, high-id showoff, but engaging: a big goofy kid.)

The expression sternum bush has even made it into Urban Dictionary, with the quote from Psych (but without the attribution):


Here’s Lassiter, somewhat unbuttoned (it goes against the grain):


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