Two more penguin postings

In the mail (of the old-fashioned sort) recently, a postcard from Anne Cutler featuring New Zealand Yellow Eyed Penguins; and via Facebook from Michael Palmer, penguin colony research by the gay pornstars Kinky Angels.

Yellow Eyes. A photo from the New Zealand Maritime Museum:


In her last card to me (see here), Anne reported on fairy penguins (little blues) from Tasmania. Now, “some New Zealand ULTRA-RARE yellow-eyes – they hang out way down on the South Island, and besides seeing them I managed to get further south than I have ever before been on the planet.”

So much for the Antipodes. Now to South Africa:


From the Penguin Colony Research site. With this text:

Our Kinky Angels are natural-born zoologists. We’ve already seen them with such wild creatures as parrots, bats, butterflies, tortoises, cats, dogs and Dario. Naturally, since our house in Cape Town was next to a colony of penguins, they turned their curiosity to these creatures. We hope their in-depth analyses and professional observations increases your understanding of this underappreciated species. [wink wink nudge nudge]

Those would be African penguins (Spheniscus demersis). However, the young men of Kinky Angels seem to enjoy each other’s naked bodies more than they do the local wildlife. This is a subscription site for gay porn videos, but here’s a cropped version of a still photo of the boys in action:


Note open-mouthed pleasure. The guy in the middle is taking care of himself and his buddy on the left, while the third guy is enjoying the show and pleasuring himself. Everybody has a rock-hard major-league pornstar dick.

Porn with the occasional penguin.

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