The heat wave, and now blessed relief

My note on Facebook on the 16th, two days ago:

Just went out to dump some composting materials on the garden, waiting until the garden was at least in the afternoon shade — but at 88 F (down from the high of 90) — and working quickly. Back in the air-conditioning, somewhat frazzled but feeling accomplished. Contemplating an early dinner — it’s been a long day, up at 2 am and on from there, doing lots of things, including a Mary, Queen of Scots, Not Dead Yet posting that was entertaining for me (if not for my readers).

The posting reference is to my 7/16 posting “The Mummy’s Cursor”.

But now about the heat.

A high of 90 F is not in fact a record for the date here, but it is way beyond my abilities to cope with, since high air temperatures are dangerous for my breathing; I can endure this heat only briefly.

My helper León had gone with me on a short walk (me using my fancy outdoor walker, which has a seat that I can use to rest in when I need to catch my breath) the day before, when the temperature was fairly high, but with a pleasant breeze, and we could stick to a shaded route. (My walks have to be short, because I have to whizz every 20 to 25 minutes — so it’s around a short block, to stop and look at the trees and flowers and identify things in English and Spanish, which is a lot of fun for us both.)

My first walk since my surgeries, so it was tiring but satisfying, and something I should try to do as much as possible, to get muscle strength back. So the walk was really just wonderful.

The next day that was absolutely out of the question, and then the next day too.

Now (7/18) we’re into very pleasant Palo Alto summer weather (highs in the low 70s). This morning León acted as my assistant in watering the outdoor plants, which (conveniently) takes me about 20 minutes. I’m probably not going to get a walk in — I have a bunch of other time commitments — but I have gotten some outdoor exercise, and I’m happy with that. (One of the big outdoor plants desperately needs pruning back some spent growth, but not today. Maybe tomorrow, after a morning doctor’s appointment.)


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