Fresh disasters on the home health front

Very brief account of last night’s adventures; I hope this will explain my absence from social media and my failure to respond to e-mail.

Went to bed — and instantly to sleep — at 4 pm yesterday.

Then a truly awful night, precipitated by my standing up to whizz at 1:50 and passing out from the effort of standing up (low blood pressure), falling more or less into my walker, which did various forms of damage to me and got me entangled in it. It took me two hours to get free of the walker, but then I was stuck on the floor, unable to get onto my knees to stand up again (I have fallen and I can’t get up!) and spent my time from then until 9 am stuck on the floor, with no way of communicating with people.

My helpers then arrived on their regular schedule. I have been bandaged up and cleaned up and can walk again, very carefully. I’m not sleepy at all, because I slept a couple of hours on the floor. But I’m way worn out.

Just had a very late breakfast (just yogurt). I’m now trying to figure out how to do lunch.

I did not hit my head. But I had a period of mental confusion that cleared up around 4 am. I’m now back in the world, but sore.

Totally wrecked one of my urinals in the fall, have now ordered two more through Amazon, for delivery on Wednesday.

My caregiver León (whose English is minimal, but who’s smart and  a quick learner) has now cleaned up not only me, but also all the mess I made in my bedroom. Life goes on.

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