Happy but weary

I have an “Explorations in narrative medicine” posting going, but interrupted it to do Sacred Harp singing via Zoom (from 1 to 3), my first in a very long time. This was immensely satisfying, and after some break-in time I got in some wonderfully strong singing, but then I got desperately weary from the exertion; devoted readers will note that I’m just out of a period of being really really sick, still recovering. So my working day has come to an end; I’ll get myself an early light dinner and just go to bed. (I have, after all, been up since 3 am.)

That’s thing 1. I’m just delighted from the singing, but cross-eyed with exhaustion.

Thing 2 is that my PUT YOUR CLITICS IN SECOND POSITION t-shirt has arrived, way earlier than promised, and it is beautiful. It makes me happy — I wore it for the singing, during which the singers could see me, but hear me only when I unmuted to choose a song. Now I want a photograph of me in the shirt, so I’m hoping to entice someone to come and take one (and visit with me for a bit; essentially the only visitors I get are from caregivers of one sort or another). But I don’t know what I can offer as payment. Maybe I should just, y’know, pay a fee, but what’s a reasonable fee?

Someone help me with this, please.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Follow-up from 5/17: yesterday, my caregiver Erick Barros took a photo of me in my new clitics t-shirt and displaying a copy of the volume Approaching Second: Second Position Clitics and Related Phenomena, edited by Aaron L. Halpern & Arnold Zwicky (CSLI Publications, 1996).

    Soon to be posted on this blog.

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