Briefly: yet another winged man

… who just appeared on Pinterest, in this painting by French artist François Bard:


I know nothing at all about the context of this painting (even when it was painted); I’m posting it because I have a thing about winged men.

This is, in any case, a thoroughly realistic portrait of a man — not a fantasy figure — who just happens to have wings. Even the wings are weighty and detailed: real wings that just happen to be attached to a man.

In contrast. A search on “winged man” on my blog will net you a ton of postings, amply illustrated. Two images from previous postings to contrast with #1: the first relatively realistic, presenting an idealized image of a winged leatherman; the second extravagantly fantastical:

(#2) A dark, indistinct, noirish, black-and-white image — of [gay porn studio] TitanMen’s Steve Cannon, in the extreme leather / fetish film Fallen Angel  (1997)

(#3) Apollo, Mercury, Eros, and Mars (well, at least these) folded together in Richard de Chazal’s homoerotic conceptualization of the Zodiacal sign Virgo

About the artist of #1. He has a web page here and an Instagram page here. A 2/2/22 profile from Visual Arts Magazine:

François Bard is a French painter born in Lille (France). He lives and works in Paris. He has studied painting at the Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris, and graduated in 1980. He has been selected to be a resident at the Casa de Velazquez (Spain) from 1988-1990. He won the first Belmondo Prize in 1990. From 1990-2000 he has been an oil painting professor at the Beaux-Arts Ateliers of the city of Paris. Since September 2011, François Bard has been represented by a new gallery, the Olivier Waltman Gallery in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris (France).


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