A sculptor in Kyiv

An accidental find on Pinterest: Huzenko Kyrylo, a Ukrainian sculptor working in Kyiv, in a considerable range of forms, but specializing in emotionally intense male nudes, in socially and politically informed works of great power. (Note: there will be two of his male nudes reproduced below, which I believe to be acceptable on WordPress through the Fine Art Exemption for such things, but which some viewers might disapprove of.)

You can view a gallery of his daily life and works on his Instagram page (text in Ukrainian, but with — not very dependable — English translations available); there seems to be no on-line source of information about him and his career.

Self portrait of Kirill, not dated:

(#1) A highly idealized portrait, in heroic-romantic style; the hair is utterly unlike Kyrylo’s buzzcut widow’s peak, and the face is clean-shaven, lacking Kyrylo’s facial hair

The Blast, a rapturous bronze of 2012, with part of Kyrylo’s commentary, awkwardly translated:

(#2) “This work was created at a time when I was going through this emotional period, parting time. For me, this relationship was wonderful, with a wonderful person. But, views and pace change, and we have to complete a common path.”

Fear, a polyester fiberglass work of 2015, its subject contorted in pain and panic (again, with some of Kyrolo’s commentary):

(#3) “This work was created in the fall of 2014, in the year of the beginning of the war in Donbass, the annexation of Crimea, it is a reflection of your condition when the future is unknown and the threat is outlined, it is greater than your understanding and skill. When the topics for conversation are only that the waves of mobilization begin, and it is not clear how they will happen.”

Defense of Mariupol, a contorted figure from April-May 2022 (again, with some of Kyrylo’s commentary):

(#4) “This work is about heroism and resilience, in a circular defense, when there is no unimportant direction for a protected rear. About the overwhelming efforts that the defenders of Mariupol have to make.”

Слава Україні! / Sláva Ukrayíni!
Героям слава! / Heróiam sláva!


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