For reasons that don’t need to concern you, the full set of cartoons in The New Yorker‘s cartoon bank that have MEOW in their text. Only five of them, and they give me something to post on a day otherwise consumed by medical appointments, planning for medical appointments, and suffering from my afflictions. I post them here in roughly chronological order — three actually published in the magazine, two from material distributed in other ways by the magazine.

by William Steig:

(#1) in the magazine on 1/6/92

by Christopher Weyant:

(#2) in the magazine on 5/9/03

by Joseph Farris:

(#3) unpublished; a natural pairing with #1 above

by Pia Guerra:

(#4) in the magazine on 8/6/18

by Tim Hamilton:

(#5) unpublished

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    A Facebook comment on #4:

    Mike Pope: That one at the bargaining table makes me laugh every time

    AZ > MP: Yes. The cat is so *tiny*. And of course it’s all absurd. [How does a cat write a bargaining offer? What on earth does the offer MEOW *mean*? And so on.]

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