Annals of phallicity: lighthouse in sea storm

A card from Ann Burlingham (written 1/9/22), amended with a rainbow Z heading a fortune cookie fortune from my last Chinese take-out meal:

(#1) Photo by Gary D. Moon, Tillamook Light in storm, Cannon Beach OR (the top of “Terrible Tilly’s” Light is 134ʹ above sea level)

Instead of the familiar (phallic) rocket being launched in a cloud of smoke and flames as an ejaculatory symbol, here we get another viscerally intense image: a (phallic) lighthouse in a raging sea storm.

Bonus. Two classic gay porn movies, with episodic ejaculatory encounters (not illustrated here) on hot summer days:

(#2) Splash Shots (1984), with Brian Maxon, Giorgio Canali, Jim Bentley, Joe Cade, Justin Cade, Kevin Jensen, Kurt Marshall, Tom Mitchell

(#3) Giant Splash Shots II (1987), with Chad Douglas, Dane Ford, Eric Manchester, Jamie Landon, Jeff Quinn, Jim Bentley, John Rocklin, Lance, Leigh Erickson


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