Tell me, stranger, of your high-end “”

Briefly, and without any photos, about the latest baffling offer to share the resources of this blog, in exchange for something or other. Previously in this vein: my 9/14/21 posting “May I use you?:

More adventures in blogging, this time in dealing with correspondents who want to use my blog for some purpose of their own, in exchange for something; the nature of these proposed deals is usually unclear to me

And then today, mail from FN LN, with the header:

Collaboration with Arnoldzwicky?

Here at the colossus of content that is Arnoldzwicky, our sharp feral ears, tuned to detect bullshit, tingled with suspicion. Which was then amply confirmed by the body of the message:

Hello there!

My name is FN from FIRM where we sell high end STUFF.

I am messaging you since I saw one of your blog posts mentioning “”. Do you accept new articles in return for a fee?

I believe we’re the top source for such content and your readers will benefit! You can look at my recent on posts on our website.

Oh FN, faux-earnest, fuzzy-minded FN! We here at Arnoldzwicky cannot begin to express our delight that FIRM deigns to give us the benefit of its no doubt unique skinny on high-end “”, a topic that we have wrestled with for years without gaining any handhold whatsoever — as you will know from your extensive readings of our blog posts (which you are too modest, or perhaps forgetful, who knows, to mention specifically).

Over time, we think we’ve gotten a bit of a grip on ” “, but even tacky bargain-basement “” continues to elude us, so high-end “” seems utterly beyond our ken. And that you would be willing to pay us some indefinite fee to share FIRM’s insight into these mysteries on our blog! We writhe like panting dogs rolling in pleasure in pungent garbage at the prospect! Use us!

3 Responses to “Tell me, stranger, of your high-end “””

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Note: I never actually reply to these overtures, but I collect them, and then, on dark days — I’m in day 8 of an awful cold that has sent me back into physically miserable isolation, with (most of the time) not enough voice to make myself understood on the telephone — I concoct savage responses to them for my own pleasure.

    My daughter, desperation in her voice as I sparred with an officious and uncooperative hotel desk clerk: “Don’t get him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he gets angry.”

    (You really don’t want to go there. On the other hand, Elizabeth said this while I was standing there, and she understood that her quotation would probably deflect my rising fury.)

  2. Mark A. Mandel Says:

    Did it?

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Did Elizabeth’s intervention deflect my rising fury? Well, it slowed it down a bit, and then a colleague with Official Status in dealing with the hotel stepped in and calmly but relentlessly ground the clerk down to effusive apologies and an offer of a suite that was vastly superior to the room whose booking the hotel had screwed up.

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