Postings about or

An inventory of Language Log postings about the semantics of or:

GP, 4/14/08: And/or: “and AND or”, or “and OR or”?:

GP, 4/16/08: Exclusive OR: free dinner and stay out of jail:

AZ, 4/19/08: And/or or both:

AZ, 4/20/08: Conjunctions and logical connectives:

AZ, 4/21/08: Disjunction mailbox:

Plus links to other sources.

One Response to “Postings about or

  1. Correlatives « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] languages is complex and controversial; see the inventory of postings on the semantics of or here. For my purposes here, DIS will serve as a cover label for disjunctions of all […]

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