Hail to Heidi Harley

Old news, but then I’ve been out of the world at SUMC for some time and didn’t get this posted before the cascade of disasters:

Heidi Harley (Univ. of Arizona) has been nominated as president of the Linguistic Society of America (which means three years of service to the society, each year with its own responsibilities: as vice-president, president, and immediate past president).

I note further that Heidi (born 9/26/69) is now only 53, not some elder of the discipline, so this is an especially signal recognition of her achievements.

Facebookers will know HH especially from her postings about the linguistic and social development of her two young sons.

But now in her own words, from her U AZ faculty page:

HH at the Crete Linguistics Summer School in 2019

I am Professor of Linguistics at the University of Arizona, hailing from the town of Portugal Cove, in Newfoundland, Canada. My research focusses on the syntax, morphology, and lexical semantics of language.

My work has appeared in various venues including LanguageLinguistic InquiryLinguaJournal of Linguistics, and Studia Linguistica, and many edited volumes and handbooks. I’m the author of a textbook on English word structure for Wiley/Blackwell. I’ve supervised more than 20 doctoral students since first joining the University of Arizona way back in 1999. I’ve also taught at various linguistics summer schools in the US, Germany, Mexico and Brazil, and served on the Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of America.

My side interests include pottery, music (especially Celtic fiddle), and board games. I also enjoy camping, biking, backpacking and canoeing, and most of all spending time with my husband Art and sons Jasper and Jaxson.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Mike Pope on Facebook:

    I was first introduced to Heidi Harley’s work, so to speak, via the linguistic analyses of dialog from the Simpsons, eg
    Definitely a way to bring linguistics to the people 🙂

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