Oh spit!

Some of the day was good. My stomach ulcer continues to recede, so that I’m back to eating mostly as before (but no cold-brewed black coffee or spicy stuff); everything else rolls on in crisis as before, but it’s familiar crisis, and leaves a bit of time for my work and writing. In preparation, three postings on recent cartoons: a Bizarro, a Rhymes With Orange, and a Bob Eckstein (all of which made me laugh in delight on first viewing, all of which illustrate nice points about cartoons, language, and culture).

Then came a comment offered about yesterday’s “Cat people” posting:

Is there a way to view this such that it can be read? The writing is too small to be read, even when embiggened by multiple zoom in steps.

I could read it, with my impaired vision, as it stood, and it was quite clear with one zooming  (I’d warned people that embiggening might be necessary). No one (else) had complained about legibility, and several people commented on points in the text, so they’d clearly read it.

Hours wasted in fruitless discussion on the legibility issue.  One low point:

Reader: As you can see, …

AZ: Look, you have to understand that I CANNOT SEE WHAT YOU ARE SEEING. You see what your software does with the file I posted on the hardware you’re using; I see what my software does with this file on the hardware I have.

My posting used a somewhat larger source file than usual (868 x 850 pixels) — I normally reduce the files to 800 pixels in the larger dimension, and display them that way — a larger source file to achieve a bit more clarity for a very busy display.

For Reader, I created two larger versions of the Cats file: CatsX (1000 x 979 pixels) and CatsXX (1500 x 1469). Reader couldn’t read these at all, they were way too tiny. Eventually, Reader learned that they had to download these e-mailed files to a platform where they could be properly viewed, and found the result just barely acceptable.

That was my work day.

I can, however, now give you links to the three versions (not formatted into a WordPress posting), if you would like to view them:

Original Cats: link here

CatsX: link here

CatsXX: link here



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