Page on homosexuality postings

I have created a new Page “Homosexuality postings” (about postings on homosexuality and anti-homosexuality), under the Page “Lists”. I was moved to do this by my recent posting on heteronormativity, which touched on themes that have come up a number of times on this blog in the past. At the moment, it’s still skeletal, but I’m working on adding material to it.

It’s under “Lists” (rather than “Linguistics notes” or “XBlog essays”) because the postings I’m listing concern both homosexuality and language, in varying proportions, while “Linguistics notes” has postings that are much more narrowly focussed on matters of linguistics, and “XBlog essays” has postings that are much more narrowly focussed on gay life and the world of gay men. The topics in “Lists” — which include “Animal postings”, “Plant postings”, “Food postings”, “Language and the body”, and “Language of sex” — have a dual focus: the postings on these lists typically concern some non-linguistic domain of interest to me (animals, plants, food, the human, especially the male, body, and sexual practices), but usually with a language-related take on these domains, and that’s what’s going onto the “Homosexuality postings” Page.

Suggestions (by e-mail) about postings that should go onto this Page are, of course, welcome.

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