Caught on KQED April 30, an opinion piece by travel writer Jules Older, speaking for himself and his collaborator wife, on travel-writing about Arizona, the Sonoran desert in particular, in light of the Arizona state legislature passing a law require that suspected undocumented aliens be able to prove that they are in the state legally:

We wouldn’t travel write about South Africa. We won’t travel write about Burma. And now we won’t help entice visitors to Arizona.

Many googleable examples of “to travel write”, for instance:

Attend V!VA’s Travel Writing Boot Camps
Learn to Travel Write. Get Published. Get Paid. (link)

Everyone is a local somewhere. You need not travel across the world to travel write. (link)

(plus many for the website

An ordinary two-part back-formed verb, based on the synthetic compounds travel writing/travel writer, but clearly a useful one, and one I hadn’t been aware of before.

(I don’t try to catalogue all the back-formations that come my way, but even slapdash collection has netted me, so far, 172 examples of two-part back-formed verbs. An inventory of postings on 2-p b-f verbs, through 6/13/09, is here; since then I’ve posted about name-check, feel-cop, Eve-tease, and shirt-lift.)

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