Three cartoons

For Daylight Saving(s) Time in the U.S., three cartoons having something to do with discourse organization: One Big Happy, Bizarro, and Dilbert:




One Big Happy. Joe collects  a story from his grandfather but doesn’t quite get some of the words in it (retired becomes retried) or understand all the intended meanings (produce manager becomes producer, writing with a grease pencil becomes a writer who used a greasy pencil, weighing merchandise becomes weighing a lot, etc.). And then he strings his observations into an incoherent list, losing all the organization of his grandfather’s narrative.

Bizarro. In contrast, #2 gives us almost nothing but discourse organization: a template for the sports interview, leaving only a bunch of slots to be filled in.

Dilbert. Meanwhile, in #3, the pointy-headed boss produces one left-handed compliment after another, all working up to the conclusion that Dilbert is a perfect code-writing puppet (who is, apparently, justifiably underpaid). A highly focused discourse.

One Response to “Three cartoons”

  1. Stan Carey Says:

    In a similar vein to Bizarro’s sports interview is this old favourite (which you may have seen already).

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