Three for Pi Day

Three cartoons this morning: A Dilbert on writing conventions, a Pearls Before Swine with yet another word avalanche (a repeated theme in this strip), and a Zits on reading and listening:


The writing convention is that all-caps represents SHOUTING. And then there’s the idea that the way to communicate with the hard of hearing is to shout at them. (In real life, if you have good hearing aids, as my partner Jacques did for years, the shouting is incredibly annoying, even painful.)


Another word avalanche, with an elaborate set-up from Goat. This time it’s Pig (rather than Rat) who goes to the cartoonist to complain.


Skim-reading / skim-listening. In both cases, processing language with partial attention.

One Response to “Three for Pi Day”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    On #3, see also Mark Liberman on Language Log, here.

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