Dairy humor

Noticed on the street in Palo Alto a few days ago, a delivery truck for Clover Stornetta Farms (in Sonoma County) with a Mount Rushmooer billboard on its side. (I haven’t been able to find an image on-line, but you can imagine a cross between Mount Rushmore and cows.) It turns out that the dairy has been producing these comic billboards since its founding in the 1970s; a sampling can be found on the website.

The cartoon cow Clo is the company’s mascot. Here’s Clo in a billboard for D-Day in 1996, celebrating milk and France:

(I am unavoidably reminded of Prime Minister Pierre Mendès-France trying to encourage French workers to switch over from wine to milk, as in this photo:

A quixotic campaign.)

Clo is too local a celebrity to make it into Wikipedia’s big list of mascots and characters in American advertising, but she’s quite visible in northern California. Some of the billboards play on her name:

Shake, Rattle, & Clo!; SanFrancisClo; Clo’s call

and many on moo, as in Mount Rushmooer:

Moolin Rouge; Mooey bueno; Moovin’ right along; The New Moollennium

with a sprinkling of puns on other cow- and milk-related words:

Amazing Graze; Outstanding in her field; Splendor in the glass; Quartship; Quart Jester; Pitcher perfect; Dairy Godmother

Just a sampling.

3 Responses to “Dairy humor”

  1. W Says:

    Canberra, Australia has a version of this. Canturf has punny billboards that change every year or so. People deliberately look out for them when they’re driving to the coast for holidays. Here are a few examples:

    (the last two are kind of small).

  2. the ridger Says:

    Is this it? http://www.pbase.com/image/82168496

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