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Annoying auto-correct

April 5, 2014

Dennis Lewis pleads on Facebook:

Dear God, is there any way to tell Android that I don’t need any help with spelling? I was texting my cousin … highlights of the Palace Kitchen’s Seattle Restaurant Week menu, and I just noticed that my little Kyocera 4G phone changed “arugula salad” to “Caligula salad” and the malted milk “chocolate panna cotta” to “chocolate panda cotta.”

Wonderful substitutes, but nevertheless very irritating.

(Dennis did get advice for turning off auto-correct on his particular cellphone.)


Monday quartet

March 31, 2014

Four cartoons today: a Dilbert, a Bizarro, a Mother Goose and Grimm, and a Scenes from the Multiverse:


Constraining communication

March 1, 2014

From a numer of sources on Facebook, this 2/11/13 New Yorker cartoon by Liam Francis Walsh:

Walsh’s website here. And here (on the New Yorker blog) he talks about how the cartoon (which has been very popular on the net) developed.

[Addendum: the device here is known as a dog cone, designed to keep dogs from biting or gnawing at themselves.]

Voicemail deadlock

October 27, 2013

Today’s Pearls Before Swine:

I’d suggest voicemail deadlock or voicemail standoff.

The written word

September 1, 2013

A Chuck and Beans webcomic from the 16th:

Texting is, of course, the written word. But then there are emoticons.

Off to school

September 1, 2013

A Joy of Tech webcomic about a currently topical matter, going off to college:

A frequent theme in these days of cellphones: you can stay in touch with someone all the goddam time.



August 31, 2013

Steven Levine writes me about coming across the portmanteau frape on a recent visit to Ireland, heard from young Irish acquaintances:

It refers to somebody getting hold of your Facebook access (I’m assuming because they all log in from their phones so this is easy enough for a friend to do, if you leave your phone sitting on a table or somethiing) and posting as you. (A fake post is a “frape”, and somebody might have a status saying “fraped again”.) It stands for “Facebook rape”.

At first, Steven didn’t know whether the usage was specifically Irish or specifically youth-speak (or both), but he’s since discovered that it’s widespread. There’s even a snarky e-card:

Google on {“frape” “Facebook”} and look at the images — many many screenshots of frapes.


Means of communication

August 23, 2013

An xkcd on a theme that comes up in other strips (especially Zits):

When all else fails, send a pigeon.

(Hat tip to Fatemah Abdollahi.)

The decline of the book

May 10, 2013

… in the age of resources on the web. Today’s Zits:

Well, there have been Cliff’s Notes around for some time — but they are books, with pages. Just not many pages.


Autocorrect rules

May 6, 2013

Today’s Rhymes With Orange:

Here’s a particularly silly version of autocorrect — or possibly automatic completion software —  one that replaces frequent words (party, jacket) by infrequent ones (partake, jackal), indeed infrequent words that don’t fit the context (partake is a verb, while the context calls for a noun; and suit jacket is a common collocation, while suit jackal is absurd).



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