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Puns and their allies

September 23, 2014

It starts with today’s Zippy, with a punning title; continues with a Discover Card tv commercial for fraud protection (or frog protection); and ends with some bilingual play involving Nadia Boulanger. There will be digressions at each stage.

The Zippy:


The title, “Getting a Bad Feline”, puns on feeling and (with reference to the actual theme of the strip, the cat-replacement phenomenon in Dingburg) feline. Feline survivalism in the last panel (which I won’t comment on here), and, throughout, an entertaining pattern of naming from trade names (which I will).


Signage error (or not)

March 9, 2014

For Daylight Saving(s) Time, this photo has been making the rounds on Facebook:


The Errington (Volunteer) Fire Department is real; the question is whether this sign was an inadvertent error or whether the image has been doctored. I don’t know which.


Frivolity for Valentine’s

February 14, 2014

From Steven Levine, this remarkable advertising image:

Elsie the Cow, in a maid’s apron and nothing else — yielding a racy image — offering a very substantial breakfast. Smiling and dancing.

More on Elsie here.

Linguistic drones

January 14, 2014

From Ellen Seebacher on Facebook, on All Things Linguistic a little while back, “5 Linguistically Valuable Uses For Drones”. Ellen notes that

Someone has finally combined LingBuzz (the archive of linguistics articles) and BuzzFeed … into LingBuzzFeed, your source of linguistics listicles. There’s only one up at the moment, but it’s pretty great: 5 Linguistically Valuable Uses For Drones.

I think my favourite might be the Isogloss Enforcement Drone, especially because of the illustration.

Accompanying text:

Isoglosses are the neat lines on a map that divide dialects from one another according to their linguistic features. Unfortunately it’s long been known that isoglosses are an inadequate representation of dialect reality, since outliers can usually be found on both sides of the line.

With the Isogloss Enforcement Drone, we can finally do something about this lamentable situation! Equipped with an SMG and mini grenade launcher, this drone will patrol up and down the isogloss, punishing dialect offenders and occasionally launching seek-and-destroy missions for outlying deviant speakers. All while you bake a cake or watch a DVD of Downton Abbey.

Friday cartoons

December 13, 2013

Absurdity in the comics pages: a Pearls Before Swine, a Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and a Mister Hayden Comic.


Zippy: fun with names

October 15, 2013

Today’s Zippy, with preposterous names for pinheads and references to commercial products (plus a diner):


Kindle Paperwhite, Mojito Rockaway, and Yahoo Supercomputer at the Polka Dot Diner. With the Esso Drop Girl in the last panel.



October 14, 2013

Today’s Zippy, on the origin of humor:


Bill Griffith is fond of playful morphology: here, humorology ‘the study of humor’ and humorologist, plus humorosity ‘humorousness’.


Model cats

October 11, 2013

(Not much about language.)

From Laura Staum Casasanto, a link to a site on “Cats that look like male models”. Pure silliness.

Not all the men can fairly be described as male models; some are just actors. Take Robert Downey Jr., in this pairing:



Colander song

August 31, 2013

From Frank McQuarry on Facebook this morning:

“I love, I love, I love my little colander tool….”

An allusion to the song “Calendar Girl” — and a lead-in to Pastafarianism and recent politics in Russia.


Not your grandfather’s Sears catalogue

August 10, 2013

From the Canadian pandas (Leith Chu and Chris Ambidge) on Facebook, an image from the Sears catalogue of a handsome model in a men’s 4-piece adjustable harness (plus a black pouch, sold separately). Readers marveled at the changes in the catalogue — not your grandfather’s Sears any more.

Here’s the image I got from the Canapandas, plus one of the harness worn somewhat differently on another model:



More photos from the Sears collection of kinkwear and fetishwear in a moment. Here I’ll note, with astonishment, that the collection is called Elegant Moments.



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