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JockMan Admires MooseBriefBoy

October 3, 2015

(Mostly about men’s bodies, rather than language, and with phallicity bordering on X, so you might want to use your judgment.)

From the Daily Jocks people today, a scruffy, abs-endowed model posing in the sand in his malehustler persona and a basic b&w jockstrap and appreciating the expanding mooseknuckle display of his cute musclebuddy in briefs, posing in the shower (who came to me through Facebook friends). JockMan exclaiming:



Another medieval penis monster

September 24, 2015

From Rob Partington, another illustration from a medieval manuscript on the discarded image / discarding images site (devoted to medieval book painting): a dragon with a penis hat:


Returning to your roots

September 7, 2015

From an old friend, on the occasion of my birthday (yesterday):

Groping around for an appropriate photo to send, all I could find is this photo of a Japanese sweet potato.


Last spring, I planted an ordinary sweet potato in my window garden because I’d heard the vine would make a lovely houseplant.

And it did. But last week, when the leaves began to look a bit spent, I uprooted it to find it had grown a pair.

Never underestimate an old sweet potato.

Plants, food, phallicity, all in one package.


Jeremy drops an F-bomb

August 26, 2015

In Today’s Zits:

I especially like the F-bomb icon.

For your use: an icon:

Annals of phallicity: the hardness score

August 14, 2015

In the September 2015 issue of Out magazine (p. 20), Aaron Hicklin’s Editor’s Letter, “The Audacity of Cucumbers”, a rave tv review:

If you are among the paltry 55,000 people that tuned in to Logo earlier this year to watch the premiere episode of the British import Cucumber, or the paltrier 24,000 that watched its sibling, Banana, both helmed by the Queer as Folk originator Russell T. Davies, I hope you stayed beyond those establishing episodes. Cucumber and Banana were slow to warm up, but by episodes three and four there was little doubt that Davies had created the most audacious and original queer series ever. Two of them, in fact. They were funny; they were sad; they were mischievous. Sometimes they were even profound.

With titles taken from designations for the Erection Hardness Score, developed by the European Association of Urology, Cucumber and Banana were so audacious that I sometimes felt almost embarrassed to be watching. Yet how utterly novel to see gay sex treated in such a frank and casual manner. The shows are complementary but separate, with characters flitting from one to the other… In fact, I’ve never seen the LGBT community treated with such equity, in which all the constituent parts of the acronym are present and fully fleshed out.


You can watch some scenes from the shows  here.


Phallicity watch: the mushrooms

August 8, 2015

In the NYT Magazine on Sunday the 2nd, “The Miracle of Preserves”
by Tamar Adler, with this illustration (photo by Grant Cornett):

Mushrooms make a delicious base for vegetables à la grecque

The recipe is worth checking out; here I’m just savoring the phallic photo.

The spread of popular culture

August 6, 2015

An entertaining piece in the NYT on the 4th (in the print edition that I get): “Iran Capitalizing on a Taste for America’s Biggest Brands” by Thomas Erdbrink:

Tehran— Despite the smiling clown, a symbol of the Great Satan’s love for meat, buns and fries, there were no angry mobs punching fists in the air, shouting “Death to America”; nor did the smell of burned American flags permeate this Tehran neighborhood.

It smelled of juicy burgers, flipped by a cheerful Iranian teenager named Jahan. His kitchen was crowned with a flashing logo that looked remarkably similar to the golden arches of McDonald’s, perhaps the best-known symbol of American fast-food imperialism.


Ken Krimstein

July 25, 2015

… the cartoonist, with this cartoon in the July 27th New Yorker:


The P is silent.

I’m charmed by the idea of pterodactyl commuters on the Hudson


Zippy and the Icon at the Bluebonnet

July 16, 2015

Today’s Zippy, which leads in several directions:


Zippy at the Bluebonnet Diner in Northampton MA, trading warning signs at the counter with an icon representing a (generic) person.

Stuff here: the diner; broasted chicken; warning signs; icons (for a man, for a person); punchline.


Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry and more

July 14, 2015

I realize I should be out storming prisons today, but I seem to be caught up in actorly stuff again, so no Bastille action and also very little about language.

In the past few days, it seems that every other tv show I see on cable reruns features Jeri Ryan prominently. Yesterday it was an episode of Leverage (season 1, episode 13, “The Future Job”), in which the familiar face that appeared early in the show was, yes, Luke Perry.

I’ll start with Ryan, go on to Leverage, and then engage Perry and follow these leads to some other tv shows.



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