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Back to edible penises

March 19, 2015

A new item in the inventory of edible penises — gummi candies — but now with the penises viewed as insulting rather than (as in earlier postings on the subject) entertaining.


Saint Phalle phallic philately

February 18, 2015

From Dean Allemang on Facebook, 1994 Swiss stamps by Niki de Saint Phalle as part of a pro-condom “Stop AIDS” campaign:


The image is of a colorful condom in Saint Phalle’s distinctive style. As it happens, Dean was working for Swiss PTT that year and as a holiday gift, got a collector’s edition of every stamp printed that year, including the “Blaue Niki” (“Blue Niki”) above.


A forest of symbols in a time of love

February 14, 2015

Vatentine’s Day sets off an avalanche of greeting cards, from the sloppily sentimental through the joking — lots and lots of puns — to the off-color and the openly insulting. Just about any emotion you can imagine can be packaged into a Valentine’s Day card. Here’s one from a friend to me this year, with a pun (“Love you a bunch!”) and a penguin: “just a bit twee”, the sender wrote, but adding in mitigation that at least it had a penguin:


And then we get this remarkable object, a veritable forest of sexual imagery:



Another kind of nose job

February 6, 2015

(Warning: high sexual content.)

Today’s Zippy:


Three things, starting (1) with what looks like a glory hole for nasal sex — affording the opportunity for (2) a nose job in a new (sexual rather than surgical) sense — and (3) transforming those who use it into cartoon characters.


Rainbow postings

January 23, 2015

Added this morning, a Page with lists of postings on the rainbow as a gay symbol: on rainbow food, on rainbow underwear, and on other uses of the rainbow flag. I’ll add to these lists as new postings come in.

Rainbow crudités

January 22, 2015

Another in a long series of postings of rainbow food, a platter of rainbow crudités, from its assembler, Benita Bendon Campbell:

Bonnie says it was not a particularly gay gathering — very liberal ladies — but she had all these vegetables and thought why not… Why indeed.

Shed your inhibitions

January 15, 2015

Part of the latest ad campaign for Equinox Fitness, a guy wielding a Manneken Pis:


On its website, the company assures us that “Equinox isn’t just a fitness club, it’s a temple of well-being.” And the ad campaign tells us that the clubs can embolden you to shed your inhibitions.


Giving signals

January 2, 2015

Today’s Zippy, with exquisitely (indeed, preposterously) specific hand signals:

Griffith takes up this theme every so often.

Watch what you do with your hands in Dingburg!


December 31, 2014

From the December/January issue of Details magazine, in “The Wonderful, Wordless World of Emojis ;-): Navigating the complex and subtle intricacies of the digital language du jour” by Bret Begun, Laura Bolt, and Jon Roth:

Begrudgingly, but inevitably, we’ve let emojis infiltrate our lives. And while communicating with them doesn’t always feel right or good, omg, they’re so addicting. We furiously thumb our favorites to friends and those we hope to be more than friends with. At this point, if you don’t use them, you’re being purposefully pretentious, like the kind of person who brags about abstaining from Facebook.

Call me purposefully pretentious, but I’m not fond of emojis, though I’m offered a broad choice of them all the time.


Rainbow Xmas

December 17, 2014

Via Laura Antoniou on Facebook (on the 13th), this Rainbow Tie-Dye Christmas Tree:

From Antoniou:

Gayest Tree Ever. Although, according to the reviews, it is pretty pathetic once you get it home.


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