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Annals of phallic reference: a real fireman’s nozzle

April 17, 2015

Caught in a tv commercial this morning, for the Mighty Blaster Fireman’s Nozzle (“as seen on TV”). From the copy:

Mighty Blaster Fireman’s Nozzle is the first-ever household sprayer with the power and precision of a real fireman’s nozzle, with 50% more power than regular hose nozzles.

You can watch the whole commercial, or just study this still shot:

Hoses are such natural phallic symbols that the makers and sellers of the Mighty Blaster might not have appreciated the possible readings of their ads.


April 15, 2015

Just went past me on television: an ad for Magnum Ice Cream Bars:


(from the Magnum Ice Cream site; “Magnum Ice Cream Bars are made with creamy Ice Cream and Belgian Chocolate”). The bars are big in size and big in flavor. The ads tend to feature (female) models with bars in their mouths: both oral and phallic. Here’s model Lucy Wolfert in one ad:


Magnum things are all about size and masculinity.


Big and Small

April 5, 2015

It started with an image passed on to me by Mike McKinley, of two young, lean buddies displaying their penises (at some sort of public event — it’s a puzzling picture): one small, the other about twice his size. The photo can be viewed on AZBlogX, here. That leads us to the topic of penis size, which has appeared on this blog before. And then to images of big vs. small things, which seem to function as metaphors in business literature (the virtues of big vs. small advertising agencies, for instance) and also to be a frequent pairing in literature for children (for whom body-size contrasts are personally significant).


Lamb ham and the seder plate

April 3, 2015

Today is Good Friday (on the Christian calendar) and, starting at sundown, the first day of Passover (on the Jewish calendar). A day for symbolic food.


Movies and tv: Doug McClure

April 1, 2015

(Beginning with this posting, a series of postings, some loosely connected to one another, on movies and tv shows and actors in them. Minimal linguistic content.)

On handsome actor Doug McClure, whose career high point was in the 1960s (something of a favorite of mine).


Still more news for penises

March 30, 2015

In previous instalments: “The news for penises” of 9/14/11; and “More news for penises” of 4/23/13. And now another bundle of stories: on the first successful penis transplant; on the Banana Bunker, a container for a single banana; and on a fashion article featuring “groin gazing”, of erect penises under clothing.


Hillary’s emoji

March 28, 2015

The cover of the March 30th New Yorker, “Clinton’s Emoji” by Barry Blitt:

From the cover story by Mina Kaneko and Françoise Muhly:

“Where would we be without emoticons, emoji, and sideways winky faces typed out of punctuation marks?” Barry Blitt, the artist behind this week’s cover, says. “Seriously, how does anyone understand anything that’s written with only letters?” he continues. “I feel sorry for the alphabet. I’m waiting for the first original novel to be composed solely with emoticons. Oh, and Hillary Clinton.”


Back to edible penises

March 19, 2015

A new item in the inventory of edible penises — gummi candies — but now with the penises viewed as insulting rather than (as in earlier postings on the subject) entertaining.


Saint Phalle phallic philately

February 18, 2015

From Dean Allemang on Facebook, 1994 Swiss stamps by Niki de Saint Phalle as part of a pro-condom “Stop AIDS” campaign:


The image is of a colorful condom in Saint Phalle’s distinctive style. As it happens, Dean was working for Swiss PTT that year and as a holiday gift, got a collector’s edition of every stamp printed that year, including the “Blaue Niki” (“Blue Niki”) above.


A forest of symbols in a time of love

February 14, 2015

Vatentine’s Day sets off an avalanche of greeting cards, from the sloppily sentimental through the joking — lots and lots of puns — to the off-color and the openly insulting. Just about any emotion you can imagine can be packaged into a Valentine’s Day card. Here’s one from a friend to me this year, with a pun (“Love you a bunch!”) and a penguin: “just a bit twee”, the sender wrote, but adding in mitigation that at least it had a penguin:


And then we get this remarkable object, a veritable forest of sexual imagery:




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